Data protection

The information that QUIMATRYX, S.L. receives from the users of this website, either through on-line enquiries or the curriculum vitae forms, is treated as highly confidential. The information we receive related to on-line enquiries is used exclusively to respond to the questions posed. In the case of the curriculum vitae that we receive, these are only used in order to screen candidates, and the information received is not used for any other purpose.
Some of the services incorporated into this website involve the collection of personal data, particularly the curriculum vitae forms. In order for these services to function correctly, the user must supply QUIMATRYX, S.L. with certain essential data although he/she will be informed why such data are necessary during this process. Failure to supply such data will invalidate the service in question.

With regards the data collected in the aforementioned sections, the user shall be entitled to exercise their rights conferred by law and in particular, he/she will be entitled to access, rectify or cancel any data, or challenge the data where appropriate, as well as revoke his/her consent to the transfer of such data. The user, or where appropriate his/her representative, may exercise these rights by submitting a written and signed request to: QUIMATRYX, S.L., Human Resources Department, Mikeletegi 69, Planta 3,Donostia-San Sebastián, Gipuzkoa (Spain). The request should include all of the following information: the user's name and surname; address for correspondence; a photocopy of the user's National Identity Card or passport, and specific details of the right exercised.

QUIMATRYX, S.L. shall keep all the personal data it collects and adopt the necessary measures to prevent such data from being altered, lost, processed or accessed without authorization. QUIMATRYX, S.L. shall comply with these obligations in accordance with the provisions set out in the current applicable legislation.



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